Company profile

Wellness in the Wild is a Wellness company that brings tailor made solutions for your business regarding wellness, beauty and management.

Wellness in The Wild was founded in 2012 in South Africa by like-minded founders with experience in the wellness and hospitality industries. Both founders shared the vision of offering guests memorable holidays that allow guests to enjoy stunning views and a wilderness experience while being pampered and rejuvenated.

Did you know?

Every day showers drt out your skin
We like to keep ourselves clean and fresh, which is evident from our shower habits. Many of us use a shower twice a day, for example, as we worked out during a workout or at the end of the day to rinse off the day. With hot water and soap not only sweat and stress disappear, but also that major oil layer that protects and maintains the moisture in our skin. Don't shower too long nor too hot. lukewarm water is best. Do not forget to take care of for your skin after showering with a moisturizer to prevent drying. You can do this for example with one of our Healing Earth BODY LOTIONS AND BODY CREAMS ..