For Lodge Owners

Wellness in The Wild operates by partnering with lodges, hotels and hospitality establishments in order to bring its services to guests.

Zero investment

In return for letting us manage and use your spa facilities, we give you a unique selling point with no extra hassle and no investment.

Additional revenue

We give you a share of the turnover generated.

Staff training

We will support the staff of the lodge with our knowledge, experience in hospitality and efficiency. Whenever requested by your organization we can train your staff in up-selling, cross-selling, yield management etc. We offer on-the-job training.

Why Wellness in The Wild?

Wellness in the Wild is South African company that delivers high standard treatments to your guests. Treatments, inspired by African traditions, will exceed the expectations of your guests and make them want to return to your establishment. Our treatments vary and can be adapted to meet the demands of your guests. Not only do we offer standard treatment such as massages, facials, pedicures, manicures, and body wraps, but also yoga and Nordic walks or exercises with a personal trainer.

What makes us different from all the other spa options

We provide your guests an experience not just a treatment

We offer a level of relaxation and rejuvenation that is both a soothing and a refreshing experience. A balance of nature and science combined with the use of high end products and professional personal attention is an invigorating experience in outdoor settings.

We train your staff

We have vast experience in managing and owning wellness facilities (with 200,000 visitors per annum), in providing trained staff at various spa facilities and in training students at the Hoge School of the Hague. Our experience in upselling, hospitality and maintaining high service levels enables us to offer you quality advice and solutions.

We give back to the community

We donate a percentage of our turnover to environmental conservation initiatives. We train local staff and buy their products. Apart from training in upselling and hospitality, an awareness program is provided separately in order for our staff to recognize the need for a healthy environment and how a healthy environment can be achieved.

How will wellness drive more business and revenue for your lodges?

Offering a wellness component at your establishment can do much in terms of bookings, longer stays and adding value to your brand.

We give a percentage of our turnover to the lodges.

Longer stays

We can offer combined wellness safari packages. With these new activities in your resort guests will want to stay longer. The offer of pampering treatments in a beautiful peaceful environment is hard to pass up.  We can even provide various ‘long stay’ packages such as detox programs, weight loss programs, anti-stress programs.

Reach new markets

Wellness is becoming a sought after service on the internet. By adding wellness and spa services on your website you can attract these users to your brand from the search engines.

In addition to this we will actively inform our network of Dutch clientele in the Netherlands, who enjoy travelling to Africa, and our network of global destination management companies. Wellness in the Wild stand for the highest service, quality and experience, so will have a positive effect on the lodge and its brand.

Add value to your offering

Taking a wellness vacation is about being proactive in discovering new ways to promote a healthier and less stressful lifestyle. A wellness vacation can include spa treatments, healthy eating and culinary events, activities that involve physical participation (hiking, walking, paddling, yoga and many others), inspirational outings and adventures that clear or expand the mind, and educational programs that teach us how to incorporate healthy habits into our everyday lives. By promoting a wellness vacation as an annual tonic for body, mind and soul, guests may want to return annually.

Did you know?

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