Old Mac Daddy


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Old Mac Daddy began as a search for a getaway place that would give the Airstreams a nostalgic fifties caravan holiday feel and it needed to happen somewhere really beautiful. Elgin was always ideal and – after much negotiation – a site was found and the project began to unfold. A call was put out to the creative community to come up with ideas for the trailers. Concept, theme, attention to detail and command of materials were essential elements in the selection process and a public viewing day helped the Old Mac Daddy select its dream team. That’s where the hard work began. The Airstreams were hand-picked in the USA by owners. Of course, they had to be shipped to SA and some unforeseen delays in their path to Cape Town made the time line more urgent than anticipated.

But that's history. Now in 2016 Old Mac Daddy is still as inovative as in 2010. That's why we are very proud that they selected us to operate their spa facilities. We have our mobile spa on site to pamper and spoil Old Mac Daddys guests and also people who live in the area. 

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