Consulting and design

Wellness in the Wild is a party that is characterized by knowledge and professionalism and which is seen as an authority in the field of wellness. Taking into account all dynamic trends from society.
The man behind the Wellness in the Wild is Marc Sanders. A professional in the spa world that can professionalize your company, bring your company in the next stage of life to prepare it for the future.

From his years of experience in the industry and his managerial vision he is the right man for your business. Flexible, innovative and constructive here are key concepts without being sloppy or out of control. Commercial awareness of opportunities both in the short and long term and the ability to make choices.

Very quality-oriented, focused on achieving and maintaining a quality that meets the needs and desires of demanding consumers. Working together in a group with a clear contribution even if there is no interest. Able to motivate people and to bring greater achievements. Started in the industry in 1984 at the very beginning of the modern spa era, to serve the luxury market sector. Together with a team of consultants he can provide all the needed expertise; from the initial research & feasibility, concept formation, space planning, spa design guidance, to pre-opening and operational assistance.


SWOT analysis wellness industry


    Much contact between staff and guest
    Relaxing / healthy image
    Many innovations
    Social contacts
    Strong brands
    Wide range of choices
    Internal training
    Wide opening times


    Labour-intensive sectors
    High investments
    Many small trade associations
    Depending on staff
    High energy costs


    Prosperity Diseases
    Young starters
    Busy business man
    Metro sexual man
    Consciousness healthy life
    Much attention in media
    Customized / personalized guidance
    Total Package
    Total wellness concept
    Short breaks in own country

    Price competition
    Market saturation
    People are too busy
    Laws and regulations
    Critical guest

Trends of the moment!

What are at this moment the trends:

    The population is getting older and richer.
    Men are a growing target group.
    People prefer to relax closer to home.
    There is a need for leisure activities that are independent of the weather (weatherproof).
    At present there is a growing demand for Nordic walking.
    Due to lack of time and laziness one uses supplements to still live a healthy life.
    Awareness of harmful effects of the sun. More spendage on suncare products.
    The harmony between inner and outer is very important.
    Prosperity Diseases / obesity are becoming more common in South Africa.
    The stressful society ensures that there is a growing need for relaxation.
    There is a growing awareness of the importance of healthy living and prevention.
    Attention getting is an important motive for the spa use.