Guest reviews

Wellness in The Wild is passionate about offering its services at the highest standards in order to compliment your holiday and help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Hi Marc,

I can honestly say that yesterday was one of the best SPA experiences we have had. We go once a month to treat ourselves at a different SPA, and yesterday was one of our BEST experiences.

- Tashalene from Cape Town
Hi Marc,
Thank you for a wonderful experience in your beautiful part of the world.
You are indeed lucky to work in such lovely surroundings.
It was wonderful! Not rushed, felt very relaxed and spoilt.
- Dee Durban
Hi Marc

Thank you so much.
The treatments were fantastic and the staff were very friendly.
We would definitely make a booking again!
- Nikita from Capetown
Thank you so much for all your help today Marc. I thought customer service in South Africa is non existent but you proved me 100% wrong. Thank you so much!!
- Suzanne from Brisbane (Australia)
All in all it was a very good experience. The surroundings are so peaceful and beautiful. I would recommend your spa to all my friends.
- Alet from Cape Town
I had an awesome time …. The staff were friendly and the treatments out of this world.
The views are stunning and we will definitely book again.
- Shirley from Cape Town
I just wanted to email to say thank you. The spa treatment yesterday was the most incredible experience!! My boyfriend said it was the best birthday present and the ladies were amazing!

Thank you so much for all your assistance,
- Chevon
What a great massage. I traveled the world and the massage I had at the Farm Spa is definitely in my personal top 3.
- Alex from Scandinavia
The treatments were fabulous thank you! The therapists were very pleasant and good at what they do!
- Mel Cape Town
I just wanted to say thank you for a lovely facial, massage and foot scrub (daddy's deal) I received from Daniel on Thursday 9 March 15h00. His attention to detail and excellent treatment made it a wonderfully relaxing experience. Thank you!
Will definitely recommend your establishment.
- Mrs Malherbe
hi Marc
I hope you are well.
I would like to thank you for such a lovely experience at Boschendal.
The MCC and chocolate pairing was wonderful. The spa treatments were very relaxing. The therapists who treated my husband and I were excellent. I did not get their names unfortunately. I have never fallen asleep during a massage before so you can imagine how good your therapists are.
The food at the Werf was phenomenal. The Lamb broth starter was divine! Our mains were equally delicious.

I will definitely be adding my review on Trip Advisor.

Kind regards,

- Justine

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UVC is blocked by the atmosphere and never comes close to your skin.
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If it is cloudy, it is not necessary to protect your skin
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